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  • Takeshi Karino, Representative Director

What Is the Meaning of the Word, “Optimal”?

“Customer needs” is an expression that many companies, including ours, tend to use far too lightly.
But think carefully, and you will realize that the idea may be based on nothing more than our own unilateral perception.
For example, customer needs may include all kinds of factors, such as quality, cost and delivery time.
Focus on quality alone, and there is an endless number of factors, including materials, functions, durability, weight, and size.
However, despite the fact that there are so many factors involved, we tended to focus only on one outstanding factor to promote its advantages.
For example, it is easy providing the necessary product or technology to a customer whose requirement is low cost.
But an alternative is to propose a method of realizing low cost by paying more at the start for something more durable that can be used for longer.
So, the total balance is what ultimately matters. Our belief today is that there is always more than one way to meet our customer’s needs.
So, what is the meaning of the word “optimal” to our customers?
KARINO constantly strives in pursuit of answers to this question.

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Preparing a Variety of Choices

It is better to be No. 1 out of a hundred than to be No. 1 out of ten.
This is an idea that everyone takes for granted, but we believe in the thorough pursuit of this concept as the best way to identify what is “optimal” to our customers.
For example, in proposing a material that is more suitable than steel, it may be stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, rubber, or anything else for that matter.
Moreover, STLE Co. Ltd., an affiliated company of ours has plant equipment, but instead of manufacturing all our products there, we have a variety of options, such as outsourcing the work to another company, or an affiliated overseas plant. Of course, KARINO can outsource production to unaffiliated overseas plants, too.
This is how we are actively engaged in globalization as a way of providing alternative choices in response to cost and quality requirements.
Our aim is to offer all kinds of propositions through a variety of processes to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.
We want to continue expanding our choices from ten to a hundred, to two hundred, in our pursuit of optimization.
With an attitude of flexibility, KARINO is a company with the ability to continue thinking outside the box.

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Realizing the Ability to Take on All Challenges

Numerous propositions are prepared to offer customers optimal solutions.
But the preparing of more choices is actually appealing to us, too.
They provide us with the potential to expand the scope of our business.
Striving for the satisfaction of our customers brings us into contact with numerous industries and companies, as well as extensive knowledge and technology that we can acquire every day.
The information we acquire in this way, and the services stemming from them, are provided to our customers in various ways, while we too, continue our challenge to expand our business.
For example, a part of our vision is to engage in the production of objets d’art.
It would be a dream come true if we could plan, design and produce objets d’art for decorating stations, parks and streets. We believe that this is a dream that is attainable to us.
Creativity is what will become indispensable in the manufacturing and processing industry of the future.
Today, we are acutely aware of the fact that the manufacturing industry is fueled by creativity.
And KARINO is on the verge of developing into an even more interesting company.