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4636-10 Kamitonno, Noogata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 822-0003
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An ability to take on all challenges using extensive technologies in welding to thermal spraying.

Product Overview

We carry out designing and development through the selection and combining of optimal products (cast iron and steel materials, superhard materials, ceramics, abrasion resistant rubber, thermal spray materials, coatings, etc.) with outstanding abrasion resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., in accordance with the various conditions or purposes of use at different plants.
Then, only materials and parts with excellent durability are turned into products after trial use and evaluation.
In making products, we examine the environment and level of wear of equipment and machines in which the parts will be used.
Then we consider the specifications based on data from this examination.
Moreover, we decide on the specifications after comparing and considering the balance between initial costs, running costs, maintenance costs, etc., allowing us to contribute to dramatic reductions in total costs through the long-term maintaining of stability in machine performance at various plants.
We also actively strive to meet the needs of users for multi-product, small-lot production, or fast delivery through our production system of prioritizing immediate responses and originality.
We fulfill our duty to supply products through our attitude of constantly addressing individual issues and solving them.

Products for Power Plants

High Cr cast iron pipes
  • [Main Products]
  • High Cr cast iron pipes
  • Lower journal housings
  • Ring seat cover cones
  • Table segments
  • Rotary valve sleeves
  • Rotary valve rotors
  • 7B × 90° bend pipes
  • Cyclone casings
  • 9B × 90° stepped elbows
  • 32A × 90° bend pipes
  • Grizzly
  • Unloader buckets
  • Reclaimer buckets

Products for Incineration Plants

  • [Main Products]
  • Standard stokers
  • Stoker tips
  • Stoker ends
  • Front stokers
  • Middle stokers
  • Lower stoker: Plates
  • Lower stoker: Bases
  • Middle stoker for tips
  • Side grates
  • Flat grates
  • Bonnets
  • Grate cutter blades
  • Dumping blocks
  • Horizontal grates
  • Combustion grates
  • End grates
  • Hammers
  • Aprons

Parts for Industrial Pumps

  • [Main Products]
  • Impellers
  • Casings
  • Plates